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Engagement with South Africa

Jun 16, 2020
Category: Featured , News

South Africa’s domestic achievements and international reputation makes it play an important role on the African continent. From a political, economic and security perspective South Africa regards itself as an integral part of Africa. Apart from its economic interest in Africa, South Africa is strongly concerned with Africa’s well-being and future. Isolationism is not South Africa’s interests and its relations with other African countries is rooted in the African Renaissance vision which is now embodied in African Union Agenda 2063. South Africa hosts the Pan African Parliament, the African Union Development Agency (AUDA) formally New partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) and the Pan-African Women’s Organization (PAWO) which are all important for the development of the African continent.

Currently in 2020 South Africa hosts the chairmanship of the African Union. South Africa has received recognition as an important emerging power and gained access to key international platforms including the United Nations Security Council (2007-2008 and 2011-2012), the G20 and the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) forum. The country is faced with a challenge of balancing between domestic priorities and regional priorities. GLAFAD is of the view that South Africa is a gateway to Africa and should ensure that it represents Africa at global platforms. It will work with the South African Department of International relations and Cooperation in pushing for the African agenda.

Currently the South African image in the rest of the continent is darkened by past xenophobic attacks which depicted black racism to the rest of the continent. Also, there are growing sentiments that South Africa is championing its national interests only and not of Africa in the G20 and in the BRICS. GLAFAD’s will work to redefine South Africa’s international reputation it promotes its own economic diplomacy.

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