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Africa Status on COVID-19

Jun 17, 2020
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Africa’s acute vulnerabilities are amplified by the COVID 19 pandemic. Without an aggressive and concerted intervention, the human toll especially its socio-economic implications could be disastrous. Strong health systems, good nutrition and clean air are basic instruments to fight COVID-19 to which all efforts must be directed towards. The African centre for Disease control is tracking Covid – 19 pandemic in Africa. It notes that as at 10 June 2020, Africa had recorded 202782 confirmed cases across the continent. The pie chart below shows the cases by region. North Africa is the most affected with 58014 cases which accounted for 29% of the total cases in Africa. Central and East Africa and have the least case with 21597 and 23400 cases respectively.

Source: Africa Union Commission (AUC) Africa Centres for Disease Control (CDC)

A comparison of causalities and death recorded depicts a sobering reality.  North Africa has the highest deaths in the continent of 2337 representing 28.61% in Africa followed by southern Africa with 1190 death representing 27.61%. South Africa has the most death in the Southern Africa of 1162 but the most recoveries in the continent of 29 006. In North Africa Egypt has the most cases with 1306 deaths recorded.

Source: Africa Union Commission (AUC) Africa Centres for Disease Control (CDC)

A comparison on recoveries and death reveal that Southern Africa is on the right track in fighting the pandemic as it has more recoveries of 33.68% in the continent visa-vee it constituting 21.57% of the deaths in the continent. North Africa is still a cause of concern as it has more deaths than recoveries as shown in the above illustration.

These figures reinforce the call in the Africa-CDC preparedness strategy that over $200 billion will be needed to tackle the direct and indirect non-health consequences of this pandemic. Efforts being done at continental level includes the African Union’s Africa Taskforce for Coronavirus (AFTCOR). The AU continues to provide technical assistance to all its member states, and supporting coordination among them. It has called for a debt interest payments waiver to increase liquidity in African countries that will allow for increased health spending and stimulate economic recovery. However, Africa is lagged behind in terms of fostering Intra-African health response to the Covid pandemic. It still heavily depends on external assistance during this crisis. It is now imperative for the African Union to cordially coordinate medically and financially to address pandemic. In conclusion it is very paramount for Africa to reconsider bilateral and multilateral cooperation to excessively and exceedingly include the Covid-19 response in the cooperation package.

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